Lot 38
Attributed to Wan Shouqi 萬壽祺 (1603-1652), Celebratory Scroll, 18th Century or Earlier

Colour on paper

height 67.5" x width 39.8"
height 171.5 cm x width 101.0 cm

Est. $4000/5000
Realised: $19200
Auction Date: 06/12/2017

Note: The painting depicts legendary Daoist figures in the midst of a birthday celebration, or ‘zhu shou’ 祝壽. The participants include the Eight Immortals, depicted with their conventional attributes and seen ascending the rocky steps, followed closely behind by a small entourage consisting of the He-He twins and other mythical deities. The Sanxing deities Fu, Lu, and Shou are seen taking a leisurely break on a balcony outside the pavillion at the halfway mark. At the peak is the Queen Mother of the West and her husband, seated with attendants and entertained by musical and dance troupes. The heavenly palace landscape is graced with other Daoist figures and iconography, including a pair of red-crowned cranes, a scholar riding a carp, and divine patrons carrying peaches up to the palace.

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